Weekly, ongoing classes

The entry for beginners as well as progressing is possible at any time. The lessons are suitable for all ages and take place continuously.

Taught form

Monday & Wednesday evening: Traditional Yang Chengfu form (big frame)

Affilitate school of the Chuan Cheng Academy

Class schedule
  • Monday 18:30-20:00, Traditional Yang Chengfu Form (big frame)
  • Wednesday 18:00-18:50, Shi Jin Jing, Nei Gong, Nei Jin and  full body stretching
  • Wednesday 19:00-19:50, Tui Shou / Push Hands
  • Wednesday 20:00-21:00, Traditional Yang Chengfu Form (big frame)

Teaching modules in Taiji lessons
  • Alignment / Body Structure
  • Loosing exercises
  • Qi Gong
  • Form
  • Shi Jin Jing, Nei Gong, Nei Jin
  • Lian Gong Ba Fa
  • Zhan Zhuang (standing exercises)
  • Zhong Ding
  • Form
  • Tui Shou / Push Hands

  • 10er subscription: Fr. 280.00
  • Annual subscription, 1 training per week: Fr. 900.00
  • Annual subscription, all trainings: Fr. 1’100.00
  • Private lessons 60 min.: Fr. 85.00

Pausing of the subscriptions in case of longer absences is possible by arrangement.

Each subscription entitles you to access to all ongoing classes.

Health insurance

Depending on the health insurance and supplementary insurance, part of the costs will be reimbursed.