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Protection concept

Here is the link to the current corona-protection concept


Tui Shou / Push Hands

Tui Shou is another building block of Taijiquan. One practices to move relaxed, balanced and grounded, even if an external force acts. [read more …

Tui Shou Schule Aarau

Exchange of experiences

On the following days there will be a free Tui Shou training to which all Taiji friends are invited for a friendly exchange of experiences across styles and schools.

  • Sun 2.10.22 / 30.10.22 / 27.11.22 / Tue 27.12.22 / 26.2.23 / 26.3.23 / 30.4.23, from 10 to 15 each time.

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Training platform Push Hands

Click here for the platform push-hands.com, an up-to-date overview of current and future Push Hands meetings in Switzerland and abroad.

Swiss Society for Qi Gong and Taijiquan

The SGQT was founded in 2000 as a professional association of Qigong and Taijiquan teachers in Switzerland. This was the first time in Switzerland that an organization came into being that defines requirements and quality standards for the practice of a Qigong and Taijiquan teaching activity.

The quality label for health promotion

EMfit awards a quality label to course instructors who offer courses in health promotion.

Trial training / trial subscription
Give it a try!

A non-binding, free trial training is possible at any time. The lessons are suitable for all ages. Here you can book your desired date.

Trial subscription at Fr. 250.00 (10 lessons).

In the Lessons section you will find all the information about ongoing lessons, as well as subscription prices.

Cheng Man Ching (1901-1975)